To our Valued Clients, Suppliers and Friends,

COVID-19 has had a dramatic, immediate and profound impact on society. The pace of that impact has accelerated. All
business have had to consider their actions, the welfare of their staff, and the sustainability of their operations. This email outlines Parallaxx’s response to Covid-19, the actions already taken, and the actions or contingencies we have in place should things change.


Protecting People

Our entire workforce, as of 17th March is now dispersed and working from home, this was immediately Parallaxx’s response to Covid-19. This was already true for a significant portion – however, this is now company-wide.

We have established and tested robust remote-working tools and virtual meeting software to enable face-to-face meetings to be minimised and the majority of our liaison to be done virtually. We will use these tools as our preferred engagement method going forward. Face-to-face interactions will be for essential activity only.

We’ve cancelled all non-essential travel. Our trainers continue to travel to and from workshops away from their primary place of residence but have additional strict travel guidelines.

We’ve enacted our wellbeing contingency plans to ensure our staff are well placed mentally and physically and are planning well in their personal lives for their specific family situations if they change.

Our people are our biggest concern and responsibility. We have taken immediate measures to ensure they are safe and well placed to continue without disruption.


Continuity of Service

We are at 100% full-function, we have no reasonable risk to our capacity. We have no staff on leave and no significant planned upcoming leave until May 2020.

Another of Parallaxx’s response to Covid-19 is to postponeor suspend all non-essential development work to focus on client output. Our primary focus at this time is to lift our service level and ensure maximum responsiveness.

We intend to give peace of mind to our customers. Many of our clients will have numerous considerations on their plate at this time – we aim to take the stress away. We will have an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to this, with immediate effect.


Training Workshops

A part of our business involves facilitating NZTA training workshops (up to 18 people in a classroom). One of Parallaxx’s response to COVID-19 is to continue to operate as normal with the following adjustments or precautions:

More extensive advice provided around personal hygiene. Provision of hand sanitiser at all workshops.

Encouragement to bring personal laptops or tablets to limit the use of communal devices.

Reduction in workshop sizes to a maximum of 10 participants (that aren’t already full) to allow for better social distancing. We are working with our venues to establish improved social distancing measures in all locations.

Strict instructions to attendees regarding signs of sickness. Individuals showing any symptoms of sickness will be turned away.

Implementation of a free-transfer policy with no consequences. Any attendee needing to postpone their training due to illness can do so at any time without penalty.


NOTE: The above guidelines relate to Parallaxx delivered NZTA CoPTTM Training – NOT the Temporary Traffic Management Planner (TTMP) workshops which Parallaxx organises on behalf of NZTA. Information specific to the TTMP workshop is available when booking that specific workshop, or directly from NZTA. All enquiries about the TTMP workshop should be sent to 

We are a robust and dynamic business that is at full capacity and suitably prepared for any further changes to the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation. We are ready to support our clients and suppliers in any way we can.

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