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Proven Traffic Management Training

Our workshops include ConstructSafe, General Worker, TTM Worker, Traffic Management Operative, Site Traffic Management Specialist Universal Workshop, Site Traffic Management Specialist A/B/C and Refresher Workshops, Inspector, and TTM Mentor.


The New Zealand TMO workshop is a crucial training program dedicated to Traffic Management Operatives. This comprehensive course, incorporating both theoretical and practical elements, readies participants for live assessments. Serving as a prerequisite for the Traffic Management Operative (TMO) workshop, the first building block in the TTM Training and Competency model, it employs a full-day blended learning approach. The program ensures a holistic understanding through online training and practical sessions, enabling graduates to confidently engage in live assessments and progress through subsequent stages of the TMO workshop. It establishes a strong foundation for pursuing a career in traffic management operations in New Zealand.
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The Inspector training program mirrors the TMO training but incorporates CAT C inspection content. Holders of this qualification gain the ability to conduct roadside and inspection activities on roads with speeds less than 60km/hr, as well as on bi-directional roads of any speed. However, it excludes inspection activities in the live lane of multilane roads exceeding 70km/hr. Notably, the Inspector qualification doesn't necessitate an STMS to oversee inspections, catering to individuals specifically focused on inspection activities without the need for other TTM warrants. This specialized qualification accommodates those, such as surveyors, engaged in inspection work within its defined scope. Staff involved in TTM closures on CAT A, B, or C roads, with regular inspection or non-invasive work, are ineligible for the Inspector warrant.
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Initiating the implementation of a novel training and competency model, Waka Kotahi, NZ Transport Agency, introduces the TTM Mentor training as the inaugural phase. Starting from November 1, 2019, a designated cadre of trainers appointed by Waka Kotahi will spearhead the TTM Mentor Trainers workshops. This program signifies a strategic move to cultivate mentors within the realm of Traffic Management, aligning with contemporary training approaches. As a pioneering step, TTM Mentor training aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants, fostering a robust mentorship culture for future professionals in the field. This initiative reflects a proactive commitment to advancing training methodologies and ensuring the competence of those involved in Traffic Management.
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The workshop covers updates in road environment categories (A, B, C) and the renaming of the Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) to STMS Specialist. Changes include amendments to STMS and Traffic Controller (TC) responsibilities, introducing roles like Traffic Management Operative (TMO) and STMS Mobile Operations. A6 Training adjustments align with Waka Kotahi's model. Updates extend to shoulder and roadside activities, as well as inspection requirements. The workshop serves as a concise overview, emphasizing key revisions in the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM) and facilitating a relearning of essential areas.
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