How it started

Since Parallaxx’s inception, branding and design has played a key part in how we are perceived as a company. The decision to focus on our look and feel early on came partly from me. Having come freshly from my job as a graphic designer in a design agency and my background in creative advertising I was keen to give us the best possible start in the industry. After all, we were unknown and untested. How did we want our potential clients to view us? What was our tone of voice? Where did we sit in amongst our competition? We started off small – a clean logo and colour palette and a clear tone of voice.

Over the years, as we grew from a small 2 person team to a company of 80+ the brand naturally evolved. Internally, as Parallaxx has grown so has our media team. I’m now privileged to creatively lead a small team of exceptionally creative and driven individuals – each with their own unique strengths and capabilities. On a daily basis we manage the entirety of Parallaxx’s brand, this includes not only all the external work that you as clients see – social media, document design, campaigns and website and blogs – but also all of our internal communication (posters, newsletters etc). We also do design work externally for some of our industry clients – 3D sketch ups, document design, website design.

Over the years we have increasingly felt the urge to offer our services externally, but as a Temporary Traffic Management company – how does graphic design ‘fit’ as a service? The last thing we wanted to do was to confuse our clients and the industry. This has been a question that up until this point went unanswered. After working on our #here2help campaign our external messaging and our company philosophy is exactly that – we are here to help, in any way that we can. Lightbulb moment. We realised that our capacity to offer help is not limited, and the best way to go forward with externalising our graphic design and media service was to create an open and honest conversation. Yes we are an internal design team in a larger company, but to be honest that is also one of our strengths. We are backed by a company culture that we are proud of and we are a small team backed by a larger company.

Our Team

We may be small but we are a well-rounded unit. Our close-knit team works on all projects collaboratively. Not only do you get more diversity in the ideas process, but we each bring our own unique set of skills and specialities.

Our team consists of: Team leader (Jordan), Digital Marketing Specialist (Debra) and two Graphic Designers who each bring their own set of skills. Gilbert has a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in visual communication – he is an amazing illustrator and painter which crosses over to our branding and graphic design work – making each piece of communication unique to the brand.

Paul creates all of our animated videos – he is proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro and excels in the video editing space. He also designs and builds our websites. As Creative Director, I oversee all of the work and get final approval before anything gets sent to the client. The ideas and conceptualisation process is extremely important to me – it’s here that we get all the ideas out on the table to decide the best way forward. I’m also the company copywriter so anything that needs the expertise of a wordsmith will go to me.

So what exactly are we offering our clients and who are we marketing to?

Our services include:

  • – Logo & Branding
  • – Website Design
  • – Video Editing
  • – Digital Marketing

We are offering these services to anyone and everyone. We are not restricted to the TTM industry.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer please check out our new webpage – we also have some examples of the work we have done to date and some of the branding we have done for external clients not related to TTM. Also, in the coming weeks we will be launching our very own Parallaxx Creative Facebook page – so stay tuned for that and other exciting updates.

2023 is looking to be an exciting year for our small team. I’m looking forward to all the ideas and creativity to come.