ConstructSafe – Mandatory for Auckland Council works 1st December 2019

A Notice of Information (NOI) was released on Wednesday the 19th of June requiring:

  • All contractors undertaking high-risk physical works for Auckland Council to demonstrate the commitment to ConstructSafe by the 1st of December 2019 for existing and new contracts.

Auckland Transport already requires:

  • All construction contractors to be operating under the ConstructSafe Tier 1 framework from the 1st of May 2019 and are initialising the Tier 2 framework.

Who needs to be ConstructSafe Tier 1 certified?

  • All workers of contractors or subcontractors undertaking high-risk physical work activities where Auckland Council is the PCBU, principle or bill payer.
  • Workers who have not yet attained Tier 1 must be directly supervised at all times and have a robust plan in place to achieve Tier 1.

What is a high-risk physical work activity?

  • Any activity that presents a risk to the operator or the public.
  • A cleaner changing a light bulb in a public toilet, would not require ConstructSafe Tier 1, but an electrician changing the circuit board would.
  • A gardener weeding a garden at a park would not require ConstructSafe, but an operator using a ride-on lawnmower would.
  • For more information see the NOI  here.

What is demonstrating a commitment to ConstructSafe?

  • Committed to ConstructSafe is a way for clients, contractors and companies to demonstrate that they recognise the ConstructSafe scheme as an industry standard for Health & Safety competency.
  • By recognising ConstructSafe as a standard in your construction work areas, you can have the assurance that every worker on site understands the same things when it comes to working on a construction site.
  • You can sign up here to demonstrate commitment and gain access to:
    • Free training materials and tools
    • Bespoke information and insights into the capability and competency of your people
    • An opportunity to take part in the development of and improvement of the ConstructSafe scheme
    • Up-to-date news and communications
  • Ensuring all workers have passed the ConstructSafe Tier 1 test or have a robust plan in place such as training and are working towards passing the test.
From December 1st, Auckland Council will begin monitoring contractors to ensure the minimum safety standards are met.

Parallaxx Mobile and Walk-in ConstructSafe Testing

We understand it can be costly and an organisational nightmare to take all your workers off the road at once to undertake testing so we’ve set up walk-in testing:
  • Your workers can turn up any time during the day and undertake the test at our central Auckland location.
  • Testing from 7 am to 6 pm
  • All equipment is provided, the only thing your workers need is a valid ID.
  • If required, we offer additional health and safety training prior to testing on request for new to the industrial workers.
Got a big group needing testing? We’ll come to you.
  • We’ve got 18 4G tablets, so we can come to your premises and test up to 18 people at a time, any time of the day or night and don’t need to connect to your WiFi.
  • All you need is a board room or lunchroom, somewhere quiet to conduct the test,
  • Allow 1-2 hours depending on the number of people
For more information, times and pricing visit our website and book your ConstructSafe course here. You can also contact us directly via:  Email: Phone: 0800 333 772