Wynyard Quarter


Downer NZ


Auckland CBD


Current (still constructing)


As part of the suite of projects occurring in the Wynyard Quarter - numerous road upgrades and streetscape activities are beautifying some of the key roads in the area. The road upgrades must be staged in such a way to ensure access is maintained to all areas of the quarter, and public transport movements remain optimised. As more areas become finished and open, this staging challenge becomes harder and harder.


Parallaxx has played a key role in the coordination and staging of all works in the Wynyard Quarter, creating and overseeing a 'master TMP' implemented across all contractors and projects to minimise duplication of effort and ensure a high degree of compliance and coordination.


Works continue, and the 'master TMP' concept has become a blueprint for other key areas in the Auckland region where the same concentrated work activity approach has lead to overlapping contractors.


Renier Oliver
Cole Tremayne

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