Waterview Tunnel


Well Connected Alliance (Fletcher Construction / McConnell Dowell)


Central Auckland


Older (finished outside the last 12 months)


The Biggest project ever awarded at the time in New Zealand. The was the connection between the SH20 and SH16 by constructing a 2 2.4km tunnels one for each direction. This program and staging had to work with Causeway and St Luke's project on SH16. Due to the nature of the intersection design and upgrade requirements there was significant challenges to keep the traffic moving.


There was very close working relationship with the two projects either side with the Causeway Project constructing the pavements and Waterview tunnel the superstructure and flyover. We assisted with staging the traffic switches in tandem so as to complete them on the same night to reduce disruption.


Project is now in maintenance phase and was successfully completed and has decreased travel time to the airport significantly

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