Te Atatu Road Corridor Improvements


Higgins Contractors


West Auckland


Older (finished outside the last 12 months)


The Te Atatu Road Corridor Improvements project involved providing additional bus lanes along Te Atatu road and upgraded pedestrian and cycle lane facilities and full depth pavement reconstruction. This corridor was severely congested with Vehicles, Shops and schools and additional community services.


The project was divided up in to 6 zone to ensure least disruption to the public and was staged from working off line to upgrade pedestrian and cycle lane first, then moving on the main carriageway. The change from a roundabout to traffic lights on Atatu intersection was done over few weeks of night works to raise the pavement to the new design.


The project was successfully completed despite all the challenges and restrictions caused in part by coordinating work with the Te Atatu interchange up grade project. Parallaxx's involvement in both adjacent project significantly reduced conflicts across both separate contractors and ensured productivity was maintained.

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