Southern Corridor Improvements


CPB Contractors


South Auckland


Current (still constructing)


Construction of new widening on SH1 between Manukau and Papakura. This included adding at least one lane in each direction along the motorway, numerous new bridges, new ramps at the Takanini interchange whilst maintaining traffic flows on one of the busiest sections of the motorway network (significant peak flows each day, as well as weekends)


Extensive temporary realignment of SH1 in each direction requiring detailed TMPs, as well as many kilometres of temporary barriers used throughout the site. Working closely with the CPB Traffic Manager to develop solutions to working space issues


Project is almost complete with a significant improvement in overall traffic flows as a result. The temporary traffic management has been able to maintain the existing number of lanes throughout the project and being able to open some extra sections in stages has resulted in an improvement in flow before the project has been completed

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