SH20A to Auckland Airport Upgrade


Fletcher Construction


South Auckland


Older (finished outside the last 12 months)


The SH20A section at Kirkbride Road remained the last significant bottleneck for travellers heading to and from Auckland Airport via SH20 and as such, was a significant undertaking to create a grade separated interchange. The result is a continuous journey through to Auckland Airport (or just short of it) through the NZTA network and an impressive achievement of consistent travel times through this corridor.


Parallaxx provided TMP design services and consultancy towards the latter half of the project and our CAD-based georeferenced TMPs were important for accurate survey set out and vehicle tracking which was a challenge in the tighter areas of the construction zone.


Now open for over 12 months, the corridor is operating well and Parallaxx's assistance was an important contributor to the safety of the site during construction.


Neil Oliver

Equipment used

Coming soon


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