SH16 Lincoln to Westgate


Downer NZ


West Auckland


Recent (finished in the last 12 months)


The final project along Auckland's North Western Motorway as part of the NZ Government's 'Western Ring Route" corridor. The project aimed to connect the previously completed SH16/SH18 Hobsonville Interchange and Lincoln Road Interchange upgrade projects. 3 seperate major structural replacements (2 overbridges, one bridge over water) meant multiple work fronts and in some places a very tight corridor.


Parallaxx were heavily involved in this project right from tender time - producing and managing the overall traffic management strategy, design and execution. In the latter half of the project we also provided the Traffic Manager function, meaning our consultant was embedded in the project team overseeing all traffic management operations. This project called for numerous unique solutions such as specialist horizontal geometric design (to solve a conflict between new bridge structure construction and an onramp) and the use of permanent guardrail as a temporary barrier system to reduce cost and improve safety.


The project has all but concluded and significant challenges were overcome across the full span of the project both chronologically and spacially. Additional work packages were added along the way wiith design changes and new solutions needing to be tabled and adopted at every step. The result of the project opening was obvious immediately, with travel times through the corridor dropping drastically even on day 1.

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