SH16 Lincoln Road Interchange


Fulton Hogan


West Auckland


Older (finished outside the last 12 months)


The first of the project that kicked off NZTA's "Western Ring Route". Starting back in 2011, with the replacement of Selwood Road Bridge the Lincoln Road Interchange Upgrade started the complex, narrow and challenging work of upgrading a functioning high capacity motorway whilst maintaining close to full function. Parallaxx joined on the journey providing TMP design and fulfilled the role of Traffic Manager for a period as well.


The rebuilding of a major motorway overbridge, the rebuilding of the main SH16 carriageway and the complete reconstruction of all on and off ramps meant numerous constraining factors influenced TMP design and work staging. The main overbridge being the only access to a peninsula of commercial properties also challenged the TTM staging and through good planning and innovative TMP design solutions disruption was kept to a minimum.


The project opened on time and the widening and additional onramp and offramp space was a welcome relief to local commuters particularly at peak times. Many of the valuable learnings from this earlier project have been incorporated on later projects especially the coordination of major projects across one corridor.

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