Panmure Rising Main


Pipeline & Civil


South Auckland


Older (finished outside the last 12 months)


A major rising main (pipeline) installation through the Pakuranga Road / Panmure Bridge / Lagoon Drive corridor which carries in excess of 40,000 vehicles per day. Coupled with Auckland's only tidal local road (Panmure Bridge) and a 6m+ wide working space requirement - we were faced with a significant spatial challenge requiring innovative ideas.


The solution chosen was a unique one and first of its kind on a project such as this. With the nearby tidal Panmure Bridge operating two lanes in the respective peak direction (morning and evening) we had an opportunity to maintain 3 operational lanes (instead of 4) but allocate two of them to the respective peak direction at any given moment. This resulted in a 'tidal' TMP solution involving switching the centreline twice a day and maintaining excellent vehicular throughput on this busy corridor.


The result was fantastic and significant praise was given by numerous stakeholders, the client and public. The TTM tidal solution was a unique and never-done-before solution and has been the blueprint for many other similar challenges thereafter.


Dave Tilton
Andrew Young
Neil Oliver
Kelvin Leyland

Equipment used

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