Grafton Gully Cycleway


Hawkins Construction


Central Auckland


Older (finished outside the last 12 months)


The Grafton Gully Cycleway project presented a number of challenges - mainly the tight working spaces adjacent to the motorway and the tunnel under Wellesley Street (it was open trenched). The high traffic volumes through this area required us to maintain traffic flows as much as possible


We spent considerable time developing innovative solutions to the issues, whilst maintaining the safety of workers and the public. This was through the use of temporary barrier systems, use of weekends and other low traffic volume periods to do the most disruptive works. There was extensive stakeholder liaison throughout the project, and traffic impact assessments to determine the best timing and mitigation measures


The project was completed with minimal disruption to motorists and allowed for the connection to the other sections of cycleway. We continued to work on other sections of the cycleway network, including Upper Queen St, Nelson St old off ramp, and both stages of Nelson St itself


Dave Tilton
Andrew Young

Equipment used

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