Aro Tuhono – Puhoi to Warkworth


Northern Express Group (Fletcher Construction / Acciona)


North Auckland


Current (still constructing)


This major State Highway upgrade (part of the "Roads of National Significance") utilises the Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract model and requires colossal earthworks and Greenfields road construction over a 20km+ length. Most site access is conducted off State Highway 1 and with volumes above 20,000 vehicles per day on regular occasions - safety is critical - complex geometric and site-specific signage solutions were necessary.


Parallaxx provided all initial TMP design to get the project up and running and a number of complex site access designs along State Highway 1 involving geometric changes and unique electronic signage that utilised on-road triggers to activate.


The project is a long one - not plotted for completion until late 2021. Initial site access designs needed to stand the test of time and volume - permanent linemarking and barriers were used to ensure minimal maintenance and robust safety standards for the duration. The project is operating well.

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