Fulton Hogan


South Auckland


Current (still constructing)


This new project (2020) commences a much needed upgrade of the SH20B corridor from Manukau to Auckland Airport. The dual-directional 2-lane road has high volume but spatial constraints make the widening and safety improvements extremely challenging. Coupled with a need to ensure continued throughput of time-sensitive vehicles, the staging and traffic engineering challenges of this project demand some extensive experience.


Initially involved with the Road Safety Barrier Design, Parallaxx has been charged with proposing, designing and implementing a barrier system that maximises safety and space for works to occur. Of particular challenge is the necessity for site access points along the site length, which compromise longitudinal safety at particular points. Our proposition of non-gating terminals with pinned steel barriers results in maximum space availability for the contractor as well as a safe environment particularly close to site access points.


The project is in its early stages, with initial barrier placement only commencing immediately prior to the COVID-19 level 4 period. Our work continues and we are looking forward to seeing this project progress.


Dave Tilton
Andrew Young

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